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Red Moon Woman to White Moon Woman in our Current Pandemic

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

I have been sensing something.... fishy with the changes and timing Women are bleeding!

I work very closely with the ebb and flow of my own cycle. Using the Emma Nevison wonderful Sacred Cycle Calendar and working closely with my Chinese Medicine Practitioner Sury from Natural Fertility Geelong (No I am not trying to have a baby... we have plenty of children haha) to balance out my cycles again because when our hormones are unbalanced we can feel so out of whack! (Before working with Sury my cycles were around 60 days before a bleed)

I have mainly been a RED MOON WOMAN but over the past year, due to the fact that I had 3 operations, under Aesthetic 3 times and lots of other emotional ups and downs, I have PCOS and Hashimoto Disease plus my daughter started her womanly cycle (the youngest female in the household is always most fertile so therefore her energy and cycle is stronger. This is when the other women will change there cycle and end up on the same cycle as the youngest woman) has thrown me out of whack big time!

Being a Red Moon Woman means that you menstruate on a Full Moon and Ovulate on a New moon. Red Moon Women love to empower others, they are usually full of wisdom and magic, Healers of the world. These women are known as the Wisdom Keepers, High Priestesses’ and Witches. They were sort out for the intuitive powers. Red Moon Women are at their brightest when others are in their darkest which allows Red Moon Women to go and heal them. These women are focused on more than pro-creating, they gain self-awareness and evolution to learn through creativity and life experiences passing on to others, to love and guide them.

I finally got on to my normal (what's normal though let's face it) as a Red Woman bleeder. But now... the last New Moon i bled! my last cycle wasn't 28 days it was more 41 days! Therefore I am now on a White Woman Cycle.

Being a White Moon Woman means that you menstruate on a New Moon and Ovulate on a Full moon. You are in cycle with Fertility, planting ideas hopes and dreams. Fertile when the moon is bright and hibernate with the dark moon when intuition is at its peak, it’s time to go within and connect to self. White Moon Woman is aligned with natural birthing of Earths cycle, to pro-create and in doing so is very nurturing and mothering.

I then was told by 3 woman in my life (whom I don't live with) that they too have been changed to a New Moon Bleeder NOT Full Moon... making them a White Moon Woman. So this got me thinking. With the world Pandemic going on... Our world needs healing. Nurturing. Mothering. So i then created a pole on x2 of my social media accounts in total I can potentially connect with about 7 thousand people through these avenues.

I asked this:

Within 24 hours this reacted about 350 people 85% from all over Australia, 5% USA, and 10% is a make up of Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

82.61% voted YES! They have been changed to a NEW MOON Bleeder.

This is totally my theory I have been thinking of the past week or more and only based on my own intuition and surveying.

What does all of this mean?

We need both types of Women in this world. But I truly believe the Universe is shifting our cycles to become the nurturing mothers (even if you don't have kids, people, animals, plants... our Earth needs it too) to support our Earth and our people through this Pandemic of COVID-19.

The White Moon Cycle represents the fertile Power of Woman.

Our Earth (and us) is more fertile under the light of the Full Moon, which is Earths natural cycle. For example. Bio-dynamic farmers plant their seeds on a Full Moon as this is the time harvests become most abundant! Also White Moon Women take so much pride in the care of their family and their homes. She is usually in deep contact with her emotional, mental and soulful energies. So it makes sense that in a time like this our cycles are switching. This isn't just about being fertile and making babies (although you can use it for this) But it's about bringing your ideas to life. Planting seeds so that when we come out of this Pandemic you have already started the process of all the things you have wanted to achieve!

Think about your dreams, collaborations, cleaning up house and getting rid of what no longer serves you. Manifest all of these things during this time. Use this time for the greater good of your life purpose. What is it that you REALLY want in life. Feel it. Visualize it. If you say " I want..." "I need..." It's not really the way to go when manifesting but seeing that you already have your desires NOW is the time to do it! GO FOR IT!

The White Moon Women is the natural cycle we would normally bleed.

The White Moon Woman knows she is the carrier to the seed of life.

Never fear Red Moon Woman!

For you have a very important role (and as much as I love being Mother and Nurturing... you still can be as a Red Moon woman... but remember your role is to be creating the magic while the White Woman rests during her bleed. The Red Moon woman is the Healer, the Wisdom Keeper. It was the Red Moon woman that got named Witches and burnt at the stake, seen as a seductress, enchantress which back in the day was deemed as BAD. But in fact these women are the one's that are the Midwives, the Nurses and Herbalists, the Medicine Woman. Villages back in the day would seek out the Red Moon Women for their sight, their wise words and guidance. We are here to empower others in our communities and friendship circles and to lift up their energies. Your self-actualization is what empowers other women! Red Moon Women lead with creativity, art realms, mentorship and self development. Even though I am currently a White Moon Woman I still have my Red Moon Woman traits but with a focus of naturally nurturing our loved ones and earth on top of this. But my priorities have changed to White Moon Woman for the time being. I think it's nice for a change and we all do change between the 2 throughout our lives.

The Red Moon Woman follows her instincts and intuition to empower and lead her own life for herself with love and kindness.

There are also 2 other types in between too!

If you’re a Pink Moon Woman and your period falls on or near the waxing crescent moon, and this can mean you’re growing toward something bigger, fuller, bolder, brighter. You are about to have your awakening and at arms reach of your desires and where you are meant to be. Pro-active! You will be asking yourself... who am I? what do I want or need? If you are young also this is the time a few women start their bleed. Allow time to be free. Free to not be too fussed on making decisions, use your bleed times to rest and Meditate to become more mindful and see and feel where you are guided so then you can take action!

The 4th Cycle type is the Purple Moon Woman. Working with a waning moon that you tend to menstruate with. This is a cycle of self-reflection, a restful transitional period where you take a deeper descent into your inner wisdom. This is a deeply Spiritual time but also can be quite wild and fierce like a siren/enchantress! It can be quite a dark time but we need this dark time to shed what no longer serves us! Think of this transition time as if you are in a cocoon getting ready to turn into a butterfly!

The Pink and Purple Moon Women are rarer. But throughout all the cycles and our lives we can change between them all!

If you need Support in this I have developed roller blends (pictured) and even bath salts (still in production) to help you through your White Moon and Red Moon Stages.

I just wanted to share my theory on this change within us women as a few of you have been unsure on what is happening with your cycle. I'm not a doctor so i am not giving out medical advice but this is purely my discoveries on what is happening at the moment with this global change. I also think its so important knowing (and i'm not big on labels but...) what kind of Moon Woman we are! It's quite interesting!

If you have any questions please don't be afraid to sing out and i'll do my best to answer!

Love and Light,

Laura xx

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