Red Moon Woman to White Moon Woman in our Current Pandemic

I have been sensing something.... fishy with the changes and timing Women are bleeding!

I work very closely with the ebb and flow of my own cycle. Using the Emma Nevison wonderful Sacred Cycle Calendar and working closely with my Chinese Medicine Practitioner Sury from Natural Fertility Geelong (No I am not trying to have a baby... we have plenty of children haha) to balance out my cycles again because when our hormones are unbalanced we can feel so out of whack! (Before working with Sury my cycles were around 60 days before a bleed)

I have mainly been a RED MOON WOMAN but over the past year, due to the fact that I had 3 operations, under Aesthetic 3 times and lots of other emotional ups and downs, I have PCOS and Hashimoto Disease plus my daughter started her womanly cycle (the youngest female in the household is always most fertile so therefore her energy and cycle is stronger. This is when the other women will change there cycle and end up on the same cycle as the youngest woman) has thrown me out of whack big time!