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Our Home is where we laugh, play, work, eat, sleep... you name it. It's where we love on our families, a place of love and nurture. Our home holds us through everything with go through mind, body and soul. It is also a place where there can be many toxins. The indoor air pollutants are 3 to 5 times higher than exterior air qualityNot to mention all the toxins we put on our bodies.

Many of us think that there is a governing body protecting us from these harmful products, this is unfortunately untrue.

A lot of products are labelled as "Organic" "Natural" when they are far from it. 80% of products we use have never been tested for safety and never will be.

Our bodies are literally screaming out to us. Are we listening? Sometimes we are feeling so lethargic and get so used to feeling that why that we don't even realize the symptoms we are experiencing. We are walking around daily feeling drained, tired, EXHAUSTED, anxious, emotionally struggling, hormones imbalanced, skin and sleep issues, headaches and migraines even excess weight.


The Natural Home


You have the power to take control of what goes in your home!

Have you heard of GREENWASHING? This is when companies use words like "organic" "natural" etc on their products but in actual fact, they are far from it. I encourage you to do your own research. Turnover and investigate the labels and what are in products.

I have been on this journey for many years and constantly do my homework and there is one brand I keep going to. So much so that I decided to do the business side because I trust them so much. This brand is Young Living - their 'Seed to Seal' guarantee (which places them in a higher category than any other company globally), their transparency and so much more creates that safety. You know and feel this when using the products because they are so nourishing and support your all over health - mind, body and soul.

Young Living has been the world leader (for more than 27 years) in producing and guaranteeing 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and plant based products. 

With products in every category, it is easy to simply ditch the products you’re currently using, and replace it with something toxin free. And if you are a DIY kind of person you are going to love YL.  There are hundreds of products you can make yourself with their essential oils and we will provide you with all of our tried and tested recipes.  


Thieves Cleaning range is here to help!

Young Living created Thieves to replace all toxic cleaning products. Thieves is globally known for its purity, quality, plant-based and naturally derived products for the whole home!

We have everything from household cleaner (that does the whole house/all surfaces) to toothpaste, laundry detergent to hand soap and so much more.

Young Living is committed to keeping your home safe from toxic chemicals with our line of naturally derived Thieves® household cleaning products. Whenever you use these products, you’ll feel great knowing they’re safe to use around everyone in the family, including kids and pets

Thieves is made up of herbs and spices that were once rubbed all over thieves through the days of the plague. The thieves would go into villages and steal everyone's stuff but never got the plague! They were safe guarded by the plants used and that is exactly what this YL Formula does!

If you want to get your hands on some products and start your Low Tox Journey simply click HERE to connect with me and we can get you started!



Thieves - Value for Money

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This is the Potency of Thieves Essential Oil.

This was an experiment done by a friend. A piece of bread in an air-tight zip bag. A few drops of Thieves Therapeutic grade essential oil on the corner, and the rest was left as is for quite some time until it grew mouldy bacteria.

This is the power of oils. This is the power of Thieves. That is why YL has made a whole cleaning range using these herbs/spices. Instead of using generic brands that can severely damage our bodies especially our respiratory system, distrupting our hormones and offering our bodies with carcinogens leading to all types of dis-eases. Supporting your body with more healthful products like Thieves is where we need to head and to continue the health and wellness of mankind.


Resources - here's a start - to do your own research!

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