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Yoni Steaming - Hopefully all your questions answered!

I have been asked a lot lately about Yoni Steaming. I have also worked tirelessly over the past 6 months formulating my own range of Yoni Steams. Different one's to support you through different parts of your cycle!

To answer your questions I thought a blog could be the best way to go..

Yes Yoni Steaming is 'Vagina Steaming'

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the womb, vagina, goddess and 'gate way to life'.

Yoni steaming is an ancient tradition that has been especially practiced in South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico. These were the first women to experience the benefits of the Yoni Steam practice.

This holistic ancient practice is becoming more known in the western world. It allows the warmth of herbal steam to infuse in which the steam spreads inside and outside the yoni area.

Its a very cleansing, vibrant yet calming experience. Doing a meditation and taking some time out for yourself is a great way to pamper yourself as well as supporting your body. Yoni Steam can connect us also to our own sensuality, cleanse after our bleed is over and if we are dehydrated in our girly bits!

At least twice a month is recommended.

I have a few different steams that can support you.

ABSENT - Absent blend promotes a healthier cycle! Supporting your beautiful yoni in aiding to bring on your bleed and correcting irregularity.

CRAMPS - OUCH! Who wants Cramps right? Reduce the pain by supporting your femme bits to restore your yoni to its correct working order. Cramps blend promotes and balances your hormones to prevent painful and irregular menstrual cycles. This is best used before you get your period or after.

PURGE - Purge is perfect to support after a bleed. Cleansing the old lining and congestion, especially after a long dense flow. Only use Purge blend every 29 days or so, to allow your body to do what it does best!

SENSUAL - Girl, get your juices flowing. Hold this intention whilst steaming away. Sensual supports in opening your yoni making it nice and supple. 

THIRST - As we all know keeping hydrated is essential. This goes for your lovely bits too. Thirst blend is known to support your kidney’s which restores your body fluid keeping your bits moist as it should be.

WOMB - Heat up your womb to promote overall wellness to your yoni bits and beyond! Womb blend supports your body to increase blood flow, toning, hydrating and cleansing.

Over all Yoni steams SHOULD NOT be used if you are Pregnant or if you think you might possibly be. The herbs used could possibly cause your yoni to contract which can resort in miscarriage or early labour. If you have an illness - coughs and colds/fever or any infections, cuts or grazes on your yoni - it is not recommended to steam. Using during recovery of illness or infections is fine but no open wounds.

If you have any yoni piercings please remove it as the heat can cause it to burn you. do not add essential oils to your yoni steam as they can be too potent and burn your privates!

Overall steaming CAN SUPPORT your overall wellness, especially your hormones and yoni to:

  • Maintaining balance in vagina flora

  • Minimizing vaginal odor

  • Minimizing hormonal cramps

  • Regulate periods

  • Minimizing your bleed flow

  • Relieve PMS symptoms

  • Overall Detoxifying the womb

  • Support through symptoms of menopause

  • Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion from menstruation

  • Removes toxins

  • Can support in releasing emotional and traumatic blocks

  • Relieve chronic yeast infections

  • Enhance your feminine power

  • Is known to reduce ovarian cysts and prolapses

  • Reduce fibroids and endometriosis

  • Can apparently assist with increasing fertility

“Yoni energy is chi energy. This is your life force and this is your life. How you treat your yoni is a good reflection of how you treat your Self.” Abiola Abrams

I recommend that women should steam at least two to three times per month maximum, when you ARE NOT menstruating. If you suffer from pain, bloating or exhaustion during menstruation should steam at least twice the week before your bleed.

Ladies if you are experiencing fertility challenges steaming just before (once or twice in a week prior) ovulation can be used as a support, to make sure that the tissue is moist and that the cervical fluids are clear and copious. You should allow at least 3 months of this before you feel the results.

Ladies that would like to try see benefits for Postpartum, you can try a yoni steam three times per week for four weeks to promote healing and toning of your yoni (This is not recommended to do ALL THE TIME. If you dont have these issues please spread out your yoni steams throughout the month. Please be sure THERE ARE NO open wounds and that you are NO LONGER bleeding).

If you are experiencing or have passed menopause stage you should steam at least three to four times per year. You are welcome to do more if you feel the need.

These are all recommendations based on the traditions of Yoni Steam, I am NOT a doctor/general practitioner so please consult your doctor if you are unsure about anything.

You MUST NOT steam during menstruation.

When your on your bleed your yoni is in its natural process of shedding its lining and releasing all that no longer serves you. We don't want to mess with your body's natural flow. Because this is already an intense, downward moving energy, the added stimulation of a yoni steam may cause heavy bleeding and excess-lining/lady juices to flow out. This is why its best to steam when your lady bits are in their rested state.

After your first steam, your next monthly bleed after a steam can change to a heavier, darker period to get rid of anything that doesn't serve you but there after it will most likely be a lighter period. Chances of the first period after steaming, being lighter as well is a possibility also.

If you have a lot of stuck excess lining inside your yoni, it's going to want to come out which could cause discharge or even a little bleeding as the herbal steam may immediately help to loosen it. In which could further the uterine lining to shed some more. It is apparently totally normal for this ancient process to happen this way, but not always the case. Apparently it can be quite rare. So please don’t be fear if this happens. Again speak to your GP if you need.

Doctors of the Western medical world may NOT approve of yoni steaming. This is most likely because it isn't taught in medical school and is an ancient remedy passed down through generations, and not because the remedy is dangerous or ineffective which they may seem to think. This can make Western doctors feel uncomfortable about it due to this.

Centuries of women however, have utilized this remedy for thousands of years, this is proof that as it has continued through time these testimonies make it just as valid in my eyes. Which can be more valuable. If you do consult your doctor or even Naturopath, I recommend you ask them their reasons for not recommending it if they do resist the idea of these remedies purely to better understand if it is specifically related to you and how your body works or if it is about the practice itself. Most Naturopath's could tell you more about it. Either way it is good to look into it further if you feel the need, particularly if you have any health conditions. But also trust in your intuition it will always guide you in the right direction.

directions: Pour 4 cups of filtered/purified water into a pot and simmer. ¼ cup of your yoni blend into the simmering water.  Make sure to leave lid on for roughly 4-5 minutes. After that turn off the heat let it infuse with the lid on for another 5 minutes.  Pour the blend into a medium to large bowl (use oven mitts or tea towel as it will be hot) Place the bowl either in toilet or if you have a Yoni Stool place it under the stool Test the heat with your hand about 10-15cm above the bowl to make sure you don’t burn your beautiful yoni. When temperature is right, de-robe from the waist down and take a seat! Place a large towel over your lap to keep the heat in. Be sure to cover from your hips to the floor so the steam doesn’t escape. It’s important to keep your body temperature warm whilst steaming. If needed wear socks and a comfy warm top. The heat should last for about 10 minutes, if it doesn’t last this long you will need to reheat it. Once you are finished pour the blend in your garden or down the toilet. Putting it back to the earth is my favourite.

care instructions: DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT. DO NOT EXPOSE TO HEAT OR DIRECT SUNLIGHT. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. SPOT TEST TO MAKE SURE NO REACTIONS OCCUR. MAY CONTAIN NUTS. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. PLANT BASED. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE HERBAL BLEND INSIDE YOUR BODY. ONLY ALLOW STEAM TO ENTER.   do not use yoni steam: -During your period (do before or after your bleed) -if you have a vaginal infection (recovery only) -open wounds/sores -if you are pregnant or if you think you are pregnant    please note: if you have any yoni piercings please remove it as the heat can cause it to burn you. do not add essential oils to your yoni steam as they can be too potent and burn your privates!

If you have any further questions please contact me before purchasing!

Each product on here in the shop section has a list of the herbs with benefits also.

Love and Light,



*please note these products are not created to cure, only to support and help prevent. Please consult your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or taking medication for health conditions.

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