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Yoni Steaming - Hopefully all your questions answered!

I have been asked a lot lately about Yoni Steaming. I have also worked tirelessly over the past 6 months formulating my own range of Yoni Steams. Different one's to support you through different parts of your cycle!

To answer your questions I thought a blog could be the best way to go..

Yes Yoni Steaming is 'Vagina Steaming'

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the womb, vagina, goddess and 'gate way to life'.

Yoni steaming is an ancient tradition that has been especially practiced in South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico. These were the first women to experience the benefits of the Yoni Steam practice.

This holistic ancient practice is becoming more known in the western world. It allows the warmth of herbal steam to infuse in which the steam spreads inside and outside the yoni area.

Its a very cleansing, vibrant yet calming experience. Doing a meditation and taking some time out for yourself is a great way to pamper yourself as well as supporting your body. Yoni Steam can connect us also to our own sensuality, cleanse after our bleed is over and if we are dehydrated in our girly bits!

At least twice a month is recommended.

I have a few different steams that can support you.

ABSENT - Absent blend promotes a healthier cycle! Supporting your beautiful yoni in aiding to bring on your bleed and correcting irregularity.

CRAMPS - OUCH! Who wants Cramps right? Reduce the pain by supporting your femme bits to restore your yoni to its correct working order. Cramps blend promotes and balances your hormones to prevent painful and irregular menstrual cycles. This is best used before you get your period or after.

PURGE - Purge is perfect to support after a bleed. Cleansing the old lining and congestion, especially after a long dense flow. Only use Purge blend every 29 days or so, to allow your body to do what it does best!

SENSUAL - Girl, get your juices flowing. Hold this intention whilst steaming away. Sensual supports in opening your yoni making it nice and supple. 

THIRST - As we all know keeping hydrated is essential. This goes for your lovely bits too. Thirst blend is known to support your kidney’s which restores your body fluid keeping your bits moist as it should be.

WOMB - Heat up your womb to promote overall wellness to your yoni bits and beyond! Womb blend supports your body to increase blood flow, toning, hydrating and cleansing.

Over all Yoni steams SHOULD NOT be used if you are Pregnant or if you think you might possibly be. The herbs used could possibly cause your yoni to contract which can resort in miscarriage or early labour. If you have an illness - coughs and colds/fever or any infections, cuts or grazes on your yoni - it is not recommended to steam. Using during recovery of illness or infections is fine but no open wounds.

If you have any yoni piercings please remove it as the heat can cause it to burn you. do not add essential oils to your yoni steam as they can be too potent and burn your privates!

Overall steaming CAN SUPPORT your overall wellness, especially your hormones and yoni to: