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What is Reiki?


We are all connected. Earth, Wind, Water, even the sun through fire, the Universe. We are connected to the elements. The life force of this earth and all living things on it, in it, around it is an energy field. This is Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing to balance you out, relieve blockages (which is the source of dis-ease) through channeling energy to the recipient or self.

Reiki is a safe and nurturing way to support your Mind, Body and Soul.

When offering Reiki it is through placement of hands on the recipient or hovering (in a non-intrusive way) Discussing how it works isn’t a way of learning Reiki. It is a Spiritual Journey, working with the energy, which is why majority of training is guided by a teacher through hands-on techniques and guided activities such as meditations and chanting.


If you wish to complete the stand alone courses of Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Practitioner and Teacher you will have learnt:


  • The 5 Precepts

  • The Energy system “life force”

  • Meditations and Chanting

  • Techniques – theory and hands on positions

  • Four Mantras and Symbols (3 will be taught in Reiki 2 and the 4th in Reiki Master Practitioner)

  • Reiju (Attunements) performed by a Reiki Teacher only for the students.

  • And so much more. 


Reiki becomes a lifestyle through training and practice, it is a continuous journey of self-evolvement and to clear the mind, body and spirit for a happier life. This is a journey that is to be taken slowly. Learning new things for self along the way. Each Course brings up new challenges within self, to work through to enhance your skills, awareness and life experiences for the greater path of enlightenment within self.


Making time for self is so important. I find myself using the time to be mindful in everything I do, even if its washing the dishes or playing with my children. Being present and mindful on what you are doing is a part of making that time for you. Aside from mindfulness, just using 15 minutes before bed to lay and offer yourself Reiki can help support your sleep and overall wellness. This is if you are time poor in this busy world we live in today. Daily Practice is a part of Usui’s teachings for all that learns Reiki. If and when possible try to make 30 minutes to an hour every day to offer yourself reiki, meditate, chant, a bush walk or just taking the time to be mindful in fresh air!


I love teaching Reiki  as it allows the student to dive deep within self, to evolve with gratitude, love and light in order to work with others. My reiki courses support students through dealing with emotions with meditation and other Usui Reiki techniques. 

Being 6th down in the Lineage from the Reiki Founder Dr. Mikao Usui, I teach as close as possible to Usui's teachings with no ego, but with pure love and respect for Usui and his journey, discoveries and teachings. I do add some of my own flavour but I make note to my students what is Usui's and what is mine throughout the courses.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: If you have learnt Reiki before through a different teacher but wanting to refresh through me, you can totally do this. I have had a lot of people do this and encourage to learn from others. Each teacher is unique - some are traditional (like me) and others aren't. Therefore if you do refresh you must complete my FULL courses so you don't miss out on any information. Whether that is in a group or 1:1 courses (message me for this).

A lot of people ask for it cheaper because they have already learnt, but each course is different. I can't change my energy exchange amount based on what I don't know, you have learnt from someone else. Its like buying something from one store and then going to another similar store and asking for it cheaper when it is the same product with the same price tag, you just wouldn't do it. Each course is completely different and expectations for cheaper amount is an unfair ask. I am however happy to chat to you and see what we can do. 

You can take whatever you learn from your other Sensei and take what you learn from me and create your own legacy.

Reiki One 2 days and Reiki Two 2 days must be completed as usual. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for understanding, please message me to chat further - I look forward to hearing from you.

I look forward to working with you through the beginning of your Reiki journey.

Course Prices


Full course fee $444

SHODEN - REIKI ONE 1:1 in person 2 DAY COURSE:

Full course fee $555

SHODEN - REIKI ONE online - at your own pace:

Full course fee $333 HERE


Full course fee $555

OKUDEN - REIKI TWO 1:1 in person 2 DAY COURSE:

Full course fee $666

OKUDEN - REIKI TWO online - at your own pace:

Full course fee $444

CURRENTLY OFFERING REIKI MASTER TRAINING upon request as I have been quite full at the moment.

A combined Online and/or In Person Reiki Master coming soon so you are welcome to go on the wait list HERE!

*Payment plans available



for yourself click HERE

or If you have a group of

3 - 6 people (or more) you can book

your group by emailing me to

arrange dates:




Cancellation Policy

Time is precious, not just for me but for you and other students that may need a place in the course. This is also my small business and main income to support my family which includes my 4 little babes. A lot of time and preparation goes into creating each course, communicating/liaising/organizing etc.

Therefore I hope you can understand the importance of the cancellation policy to keep this sustainable and move into the future I just need to clarify my policies.

All cancellations are, non-refundable. (if you or a family member is sick and it is an emergency we can re-schedule you into another course) This is something you really need to feel into before you make the energy change and pay for the course. Ask yourself, does this really align? Is this what I really need for myself right now? 

You have a 2 day cooling off period if you change your mind - as of the moment you make payment.

After the 2 days it is non-refundable. 

A ‘no show’ will incur a full 100% charge of your course. In other words, non-refundable. As the courses are intimate - someone else could of been on the waiting list wanting a spot.

Cancelled courses which are re-scheduled for another time and day before the same 1 week period will not be charged any cancellation fee unless they have re-scheduled numerous times, this will be deemed non-refundable.. ‘No shows’ do not qualify for this rule and will be charged the full fee.

Shall I need to cancel on you (only in emergencies) I will do my best to fit you in within a 6 month period. 

Thank-you for being a valued student/client and for your understanding and cooperation as I institute this policy.


Looking forward to meeting you!


Love and Good Health,

Laura xx

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