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Hi I'm Laura!

I am a very passionate being. I have created this website to provide a platform of wellness for all. I operate in Geelong, Surf Coast and Surround Victoria - Australia but service Melbourne, Reiki healing/Guidance Empowerment Readings/Herbalist appointments and numerous workshops.

I have 2 amazing Kids, Indiana and Kobe. And 2 awesome bonus Kids - Xavier and Luna.

I guess you could say my pup Loki is another child too! She is my Wolf Husky, a Tundra Wolf in fact!

I have the support of my amazing partner Shane whom I also work alongside.

Being a wellness warrior has always come naturally but it

hasn't always been easy.

I have suffered quite a number of illnesses (which I still have but I am now on top of maintaining them) and for a long time felt I couldn't ever be healthy again. With the help of my specialist, physiotherapist, healthy plant-based fuel, working with energy, meditation, reiki, exercise and living a chemical free lifestyle, I can now say I feel good and I can be the mum to my 2 beautiful kids and keep up with my businesses.

I am studying a Tantra Diploma, also studying Plant Based nutrition and Primal Therapy as I am passionate about extending my knowledge to create a wellness hub for Mind, Body and Soul.

I have been a Reiki/Shamanic/Energy Healer for 9 years and offering intuitive Guidance and Card readings for nearly 17 years.

Growing up with meditation and yoga and an alternative father and loving artist mother along with being the best person I can be within myself and my personal character, I have developed such a passion to help others, in any situation. I feel I am very approachable and love being a part of a community. Previous to (and during) this business I also worked in  corporate at Cotton On Head office as the Visual Merchandiser for TYPO Globally and also I had my own shop called Geelong Creatives which was a platform and bricks + mortar store for all the creatives of Geelong to come together and showcase their work. I collaborated with other companies such as Westfield and Little Creatures Brewery and put together Markets and events. I have also worked with the Geelong Council by being invited to be a part of - what kind of city we want Geelong to be. Also won the award for Collaboration King award for bringing people of Geelong together. I am known around Geelong as Queen of Holding Space. So as you an see with all of this combined the past 8 to 15 years I have offered Holistic and Creative small business startups and Mentorships - from my many years of self-taught and life experience in the entrepreneur world and working in corporate office whilst working with Energy Healing as a side hustle. Combining all of this and bringing my knowledge to you can support all those rising into their soul work and watching you all bloom!

Tinkering away in my Apothecary (I had a bricks and mortar store on Gheringhap street in 2016/2017 but now do it from home) is one of my happy places. Becoming a Herbalist to prescribe natural remedies alongside my other skills is definitely my point of difference, I love specializing in remedies for empowering your body cycles.

I am so emotionally invested in my business and whenever I meet a new client/customer/Students I usually feel that I have met them before. We are drawn to each other for a reason. Lets collaborate, heal, and love all.

I love teaching Reiki as it allows the student to dive deep within self, to evolve with gratitude and love in order to work with others. My Reiki courses support students through dealing with emotions through meditation and other Usui Reiki techniques. 

Being 6th down in the Lineage from the Reiki Founder Dr. Mikao Usui, I teach as close as possible to Usui's teachings with no ego, but with pure love and respect for Usui and his journey, discoveries and teachings. I do add some of my own flavour but I make note to my students what is Usui's and what is mine through out the courses.

Contact me if you would like to know more. I look forward to connecting with you.

Love and Good Health,

 L a u r a xx

      Master Herbalist HH Dip. (M.H)

      Traditional Reiki Master Sensei

      Linage - 6th from Sensei Usui - Founder of Reiki.

       Ceremonialist  |  Intuitive Life Guidance 

      Mentor  |  Low Toxin Living Educator 


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