Raising your Vibrations for a life of wellness.

HI tribe!

Laura here.

If you don’t know me I am a Reiki Master Teacher, I also offer guidance, love and support. Studying to be a herbalist, tantra teacher and primal therapist.

I wanted to chat you about raising your vibration.

Do you feel like bad energy follows you? Just one thing after another? Is it wearing off on others around you and you want to change it not just for yourself but for others?

It is only natural for our vibration to flow up and down. But to stay sitting in the lower isn’t healthy for us.

Quantum Physics – yes science and spirituality go hand in hand to prove that the energy frequency vibrating through our bodies is an actual thing!

Yes we can't see it. But it's there. I once heard of the magnet analogy.

When we try to push 2 magnets together, one facing the opposite way to what it should, it has resistance between. That resistance is a force field made up of tiny particles. We are made up of tiny particles of energy.

The speed of our vibrations makes us and the things around us seem solid, or liquidy or texturized.

Which makes it hard to understand because we cant put our fist or body through things, however on the quantum level when you attempt to physically touch something the super tiny particles we are made of bounce off of each other. Which are the particles vibrating at different speeds against each other causing that resistance, making it so it cant pass through.

There are so many ways to working with our own frequency to alter how we feel, and how healthy we are.