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Raising your Vibrations for a life of wellness.

HI tribe!

Laura here.

If you don’t know me I am a Reiki Master Teacher, I also offer guidance, love and support. Studying to be a herbalist, tantra teacher and primal therapist.

I wanted to chat you about raising your vibration.

Do you feel like bad energy follows you? Just one thing after another? Is it wearing off on others around you and you want to change it not just for yourself but for others?

It is only natural for our vibration to flow up and down. But to stay sitting in the lower isn’t healthy for us.

Quantum Physics – yes science and spirituality go hand in hand to prove that the energy frequency vibrating through our bodies is an actual thing!

Yes we can't see it. But it's there. I once heard of the magnet analogy.

When we try to push 2 magnets together, one facing the opposite way to what it should, it has resistance between. That resistance is a force field made up of tiny particles. We are made up of tiny particles of energy.

The speed of our vibrations makes us and the things around us seem solid, or liquidy or texturized.

Which makes it hard to understand because we cant put our fist or body through things, however on the quantum level when you attempt to physically touch something the super tiny particles we are made of bounce off of each other. Which are the particles vibrating at different speeds against each other causing that resistance, making it so it cant pass through.

There are so many ways to working with our own frequency to alter how we feel, and how healthy we are.

Cymatics was developed by a swiss doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny. He played trial and error working with sound frequencies and how they alter things like liquid and powders etc.

So he was showing a physical representation of something that couldn’t be seen to the eye, only if you were listening.

So that brings me to Japanese Dr. Emoto studies of water and seeing the change in that. (google Dr. Emoto works with water) he has proven that water around mobile phones, or pollution look under a microscope murky and yuck. But high vibrational water when happy thoughts, up beat music and so on are project to the water under the microscope it looks like beautiful snow flakes.

Think about it, what is a large sum of the human body? Water!

If we can raise our vibrations we can look like pretty snow flakes inside ha!

BUT HOW you ask!

There are so many ways and everyone is different so its about finding what works for you. I do suggest that everyone at least try these things I am about to suggest. From my studies and life experiences. And these ARE JUST suggestions, but have all worked for me. And over the years I have played trial and error and A LOT of soul work to get through traumas from past and to clear my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments we are only human and when are vibrations go down, there's only one way to go and that’s up. I notice patterns within myself, friends and family, clients and students and that my friends is usually a monthly cycle (for guys and girls) of ups and downs.

Even if an up or down lasts longer than the other. Everyone has a cycle.

Ok so lets raise your vibration hey, with spiritual and science hand in hand!

So heres a bit of science.

A healthy person should vibrate at 62-70 mhz MEGA HURTZ

When we are sick with cold/flu/gastro etc it goes down to 58 mhz

When we have a terminal illness such as cancer we vibrate at 42 mhz

When the death process starts we vibrate at 20 mhz

To be able to trust in the universe and really believe in yourself eating healthful foods from wholefood stores or organic green grocers can really raise your vibration.

Lower vibrational foods are things like meat 3 – 5 mhz

Living greens, vegetables and fruits vibrate at about 70 mhz

Nuts and legumes (as fresh as possible) vibrate at about 50 mhz

Drinking lots of water can cleanse us of toxins but depending on how we are feeling it vibrates at different frequencies. It is still A MUST have as we all know!

Natural herbal remedies come from plants so they vibrate higher than conventional medication. I do believe in parts this day in age sometimes (depending on the situation we need a balance of both) but using natural remedies can support the body to prevent illness and disease. It has been proven.

Movement is so good too! Dancing and exercising, moving the body. We hold emotions in our body parts, in our cells! So movement helps to release what no longer serves us!

Pure essential oils. Now make sure you do your research on this as lots of things are labelled pure or organic but they only have to contain 10% of pure or organic to label it that. If you need help finding good ones let me know.

Essential oils vibrate at a really high frequency if distilled 100% plant. With no carrier oils or chemicals.

10kg of rose petals makes a 5ml bottle.

Rose vibrates at 320 Mhz! that’s massive!

Frankinsense 147 mhz

Lavender 118 mhz

Peppermint 78 mhz

Removing toxins out of the home, personal care products and cleaning products.

You can see already how much what we eat and drink and environment can affect us.

The next thing to raise your vibration comes under the umbrella of focusing the mind. Anxiety, depression and mental illness is bigger than ever now.

Using techniques like Theta healing, Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Practising gratitude, and changing your negative thoughts to a positive can slowly start to shift your thought patterns. So many other natural ways.

Lets look at that all a bit deeper.

Theta Healing teaches people to develop natural intuition through changing their brain wave cycle to a more relaxed theta, to explore our emotional health.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Not based on religion or for hippies its for everyone. It is through the means of touch or hovering projecting good intentions, love and light to the client or self. I see Reiki as a journey, a lifestyle to a happier life. It really helped me through my depressive years. Using Reiki techniques of meditation, mindfulness, working with the energy fields helps clear the mind and bodies. I teach Reiki 1 and 2. Reiki Master Practitioner 3 and Reiki Master Teacher 4 and can go further into detail about this if you’d like more information.

Changing your negative thoughts to positive ones can be quite hard. It is important to know that we are NOT our thoughts and feelings. We are just the one experiencing them. I believe it is important to feel the horrible thoughts but if we sit in them too long it becomes a frenzy in our heads and then that turns to anxiousness, paranoia, depression and it can even go deeper.

To pull yourself out of this its about removing from your brain and making it a physical in a positive way. I tell most of my clients this.

We like the saying “trust your heart, trust your gut” but how can we when our brains control it?

It’s about training your brain to listen to your intuition.

Write down the negative thoughts.

Then change it into a positive and write it down. Affirm it over and over. Have a break from it. And if it continues repeat the process as needed. Meditate on it. Do a silent meditation. Don't do a guided one if you want to go deeper within self. Tune out the exterior noises.

It is all easier said than done but putting the work into yourself and try be gentle on yourself and it can be done. And you CAN get to a comfortable level of feeling ok with your thoughts. We evolve and grow all the time so be mindful that no one is perfect. This helps us to break things down slowly and work on parts of ourselves one bit at a time.

Mindfulness is massive. If you don’t know how to even begin with meditations, start with just being mindful! I always say, when you’re washing the dishes be with the dishes. Be aware of when your mind goes off track and bring yourself back to the present moment. When you go for a walk, don’t take your phone, smell a flower, feel the texture of the ground under your feet. Get back to nature and breath in the fresh air.

Breathwork! I am ALWAYS DOING BREATH WORK! Deep breaths from the belly up to the chest and releasing it alllllll the way out, emptying the chest and belly and repeating it is a great way to relieve anxiety and panic attacks!

Releasing Ego and judgement of self and others, which can be worked on doing all of the above.

Most of these suggestions I cover in more depth in my courses too!

Working with crystals, being kind and surrounding yourself around like minded people that have risen their vibrations too will also raise yours! And these are the types of people you can talk to with no judgement or ego when in a crisis or feeling down.

Now this is one I am still working on! My creative brain gets me though. But A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP is a MUST! Our body needs rest. Our brains go into a different state, which is just as busy when we are awake but it is rested. Think of it like, when you put your phone on charge and you can see the little battery filling up over and over again!

So there you go! I really hope this helps! Give it ago, do some of your own research, be gentle on yourself and just try things, one at a time so its not overwhelming. See what works for you!

If you’d like more information or would like to chat please sing out! Or you are welcome to come see me for an appointment or have a look at more Reiki courses and workshops!

Love and Light to you all,



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