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  • If you can't find a date, please message me

    45 min

    From 65 Australian dollars
  • Payment Plan Available - Please read cancelation policy before bookin...

    Starts Mar 2, 2024

    444 Australian dollars

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  • Payment Plan Available - Please read cancelation policy before booking...

    Starts May 11, 2024

    555 Australian dollars

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  • For the Feminine and the Masculine.

    Starts Nov 26

    11 Australian dollars

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Please note:

I am currently just focusing on:

  • Working on my Low Toxin Living/Essential Oils/Wellness Education business (click here)

  • The Divine Hub - Recorded Meditations, Shamanic Journeys and Light Language (coming soon)

  • Teaching Reiki (see courses below)

  • ZYTO Bioresonance scans (this is a must in support of everyone's health) - to book an appointment with me see below.

  • Being a Mama of 4 children of course!

Offerings coming:

  • Legacy - A program jam packed with everything I have worked through and on throughout my life and over the last 16+ years in the healing/health/serving humanity realm - all my knowledge handed over to you to create your own legacy.

  • Harness your Light - There is a lot of darkness in the world. Lets come together and expand our light.

  • The Rose Temple.

  • Online Programs and Challenges

Therefore, I am unable to have my 1:1 energy healing sessions booking system going.  If you're wanting to have 1:1 I can recommend a friend that works very similar to me and she is a past student of mine. Her name is Nat from @natsukashii_healing

Love and Good Health,

Laura xx

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