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Earth Angels.

Have you heard of Earth Angels? Wondered what they are? Who they are? If you are one?

More and more Earth Angels and Light Workers are coming to realization of what they are, and having their awakening/becoming aware.

Everyone has their own definition of what they are. So this is mine based on research that I have done for 11 years, intuition/inner knowing and having them come to me as clients feeling a bit lost and wondering why.

So! Let's get into it hey?!

During my research I have read many books and come across many different faces.

These descriptions are something I have continuously seen and witnessed. There are different types of Light Workers.

Simply, anyone that works as a healer or career path of healing whether they are a nurse to teacher etc or the more holistic kind, they are some form of an angel, especially if they are doing it with love.

LOVE is the answer to this, when working your soul work with love.

However, everyone vibrates at a different frequency. There are those that have different wavelength patterns. You're frequency changes depending on the life around you and your state of mind. For example, someone that suffers from depression or that is surrounded by negative energy vibrates at a different frequency to someone that practices mindfulness and mediation.

So one of the Keys is to surround yourself at the frequency you would like to vibrate at.

This brings me to 'Lightworker's' - they are people that always want to help, especially in a spiritual way as they have their awareness of their soul self. To me this is the Earth Angel, Star Person (from other galaxies), Faeries and other types of elementals.

I find I can now look at someone and feel their energy and know! It's pretty cool once you get used to using your intuition to work it out.

SO....... EARTH ANGELS! Male and Female.

Earth Angels are such givers and find it hard to receive help or gifts. This means they can manifest the opposite thing by blocking themselves from finding love, the flow of money and other energetic aspects of their life such as poor health etc.

Which they would find themselves frustrated and wondering why and what they have done wrong!?

Do you ever feel like you haven't had much luck in relationships and friendships? You're the weird one that no one understands, you feel un-cool ha! That's because other energies around you sense who you truly are (even without knowing they sense it or you might not even know yet) and are intimidated as they aren't totally aware of their true selves and don't know how to act because you are doing you and being yourself, your love shines bright even when you don't feel it. Some people just don't know how to deal with this! An unaware Earth Angel lives quite co-dependent relationships. This is because of their giving power. They nurture and rescue others. They can see good in every single person, this is where they stay longer than they should because they want to help, they want to see their partner feel the best they can. This is where lots of Earth Angels stay in different kinds of abusive relationships. Once they become aware, they don't take crap but still pour the nurturing qualities into their relationships. Just be sure to look after yourself. Do things for you too!

Earth Angels often look like Angels, with sweet features and quite "Hippy" or "Boho" look about them. This is because they reject the norms and don't understand why people can be so cruel, obviously because they have had trauma but everyone has choice. Every single one of us can choose who we want to be and which way we will go in life. The Earth Angel loves to evolve and learn too.

Earth Angels don't see skin colour, size, or shape and get quite upset when there is violence, war, why people can't get along and prejudice. They understand that everyone has different upbringings, different life experiences but knows we all have free will and choice.

Earth Angels can get stuck in addiction. They often turn to food or other toxic substances to deal with their emotions when they aren't connected to their soul self. This can be quite hard to get out of and tend to self-sabotage in this case.

As Earth Angels are natural healers they often work in the fields of nursing, social work, teaching, massage therapy and other spiritual or holistic lines of work.

Earth angels have usually experienced A LOT. I mean we all experience hardship and depression at some point in our lives but Earth Angels have to go through so much to be able to resonate with others. So they can guide them through.

On this Earth there is A LOT of negative with natural disasters, violence, hurt and hatred. Earth Angels usually retreat to save their energy during this time in order to have their energy when the aftermath appears so they can support as much as they can. This is so important for an Earth Angel to do so, meditation, quiet time reading books or being creative on their own.

Have you even had someone say to you "Oh my goodness, I don't know why I am telling you all of this...." Especially if you've only just met? Because they instantly feel safe with you and that they can trust you.

Earth Angels are highly Sensitive beings. I myself have worked in corporate jobs, known I can do it but all the highly strung "dog eat dog" "thrown under the bus" mentality just can get too much. There are some Earth Angel that do stay working in this because they feel that those spaces need their energy for balance. Feeling like you have to save the world and everyone on it is such a heavy thing. Even before Earth Angels are aware of what they truly are they still are aware that they want peace in the world! They feel the Earth's pain and everything on it. Highly Empathetic. They can walk into a room FULL of people and can feel if it's a good or bad energy in the room. In this case, Earth Angels can't handle loud places filled with people and can become intolerant.

Empathetic beings are different to Earth Angels.