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Traditional Usui Shoden Reiki One online course

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SHODEN REIKI ONE - USUI METHOD -ONLINE Traditional Reiki AT YOUR OWN PACE - IN YOUR OWN TIME - PAY AS YOU CAN AFFORD Certificated course: Yes Cost: $333 standard *Payment Plan option for as little as $50+ per week (email me to request this and I will give you an access code) When purchasing the course please enter your phone number as well as email as some people don't check their emails regularly and you might miss out on important information. The course is predominantly Online about 90% - 100% The Online Portal has videos and workbooks. There are 4 sections to complete. After each section you will need to email your workbooks and ask to book in your Reiju, it is the only thing that will be in person if local or through Zoom online. You can choose which one you would like. The course includes: -History of Reiki – Learn about Usui the founder. My goal is to teach Usui’s traditional methods as close as possible, so that you may develop your own footprint suited to your spiritual path. -Connect to your inner self and using emotional resources within ourselves to work with the love and light of Reiki. Usui’s method starts with self-healing in guiding you on your own Spiritual path for Reiki 1, to help students reach their highest self, which was the primary purpose of Usui’s teaching. -Meditations -Mindfulness -Energy / Meridian System -The Reiki Precepts – 5 elements complete the system of Reiki which aid in mental focus and developing self -X4 Attunement/Reiju (In person if local or zia Zoom) -Hand Positions for Self-Reiki and for giving Reiki to others. (Only family members, friends, and pets for Reiki 1) -Self-treatment with daily/regular practice of your learnings of Shoden – Reiki 1 course can lead you to a positive life with balance and tranquility. (Completing Reiki 2 will allow you to practice on clients) -Frequency of the Earth - Primal states of self -Detailed Reiki Manual -Reiki Level 1 certificate Lets Journey together! Xx

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