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Soundscape Meditation


The intention for this Soundscape is:


Movement | Motivation | Purpose


It is to be used for meditative purposes. To support you with frequency shifts in moving through negative energy when feeling stagnant, run down, not feeling yourself, blocked, psychic attacked, exhausted etc.


Listen to it for relaxation and rest.

The language is a channelled frequency Light Language from the Pleiades.

The sound was carefully created specifically in flow with the frequency of the 3 sections of the channelled light language and the video was created in flow with this.


3 minutes 18 seconds - feel free to listen to it looped so it goes for longer.


Sounds best with headphones to get the full experience.



Due to this being a large file. Once you have purchased it, it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive it. Please make sure you leave your email when purchasing so I can email it directly to you.


This clip is a Collaboration with:

Scott Maxwell - Electric Consciousness

IG: @electric_consciousness


Luke Marriott - Luke Marriott Visuals

IG: @lukemarriottvisuals


and features:

Karina Donkers fire dancing

IG: @karinadonkers


This clip is made with so much love for you to enjoy.

All Meditations and Soundscapes are authentically recorded once no edits.


Thank you for your support,


Laura xx

Meditation - Movement | Motivation | Purpose Video Clip

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