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Water is the answer to living a happier lifestyle.

Throughout my studies, working through my disease and illnesses in the past and life experiences I have always worked closely and been interested in studies on Water.

I truly believe the cleansing sensations and flow of emotions that come with water can help us find balance.

Did you know..? Japanese Doctor Emoto studied water.

He found that under a microscope water that is close to mobile phones... bad thoughts and bad intentions.. bad energy really, the water looks murky and yuck!

But if you offer the water love, good intentions and offer it things like reiki, the water looks like snow flakes!

Think about it... How much of us as humans are we made up of...? WATER!

And the Earth... How much is covered in water? A SHIT LOAD!

So if we offer ourselves and others.. even our earth some love and good intentions... if we can change our negative thought patterns into positive (which is easier said than done, But takes a lot of practice. And let's face it, we are only human so know it's ok to have your ups and downs.) thoughts and emotions we can make this world a happier, safer place full of love.

There are a lot of shitful things that happen around us, and sometimes hard to see the good, but i feel there are usually life lessons. My advice is to use these lessons to feel the good. Get in water and drink lots of water, think good intentions and offer yourself sometime to rest and flow! A nice meditation in a comfy bath is always nice too!

Love and Light,

Laura xx

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