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NingXia Red Challenge

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Would you like to have: Less stress? Better immunity? Increased energy? Better Quality of sleep? Improved productivity? Support hormonal balance? Better respiratory function? It is a 4 week/ 30-day challenge.  So when you click join and pay the small $22 dollars alongside ordering NingXia Red, you are joining in on the 30-day challenge. Each week, I have uploaded a video and a workbook. You drink the NingXia Red tonic every day and read the daily information in the workbook. There are also some emotional activities you can do too. Having the NingXia Red every day will support your body systems. You start when you choose to start. This is YOUR journey in which you are accountable for yourself. 24 ways to SUPPORT your body systems and reasons to drink: Provides Antioxidant Protection Combat Premature Aging Increase Energy and Strength Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Protect DNA Build Strong Blood Help manage weight Improve Quality of Sleep Support vision Health Memory Support Inhibit Lipid Peroxidation Support Immune System Ease Morning Sickness Support Male and Female Fertility Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels Maintain Healthy Sexual Function Reduce Menopausal Symptoms Maintain Strength in Muscles + Bones Support Kidney Function Optimize Cardiovascular Health Support Healthy Liver Function Support Body's Natural Ability to Fight Anxiety + Stress Support Healthy Digestion Let's go!

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