2020 AD - Saturn and Pluto Conjunction

image via Pinterest - source unknown

The universe is shifting and the big changes are here. Even the past week I have seen and felt massive changes. Saturn and Pluto align (along with Ceres and even Mars) in Capricorn, the lunar eclipse (which we are still 99% in its energy now) in Cancer.

It's time for everything to come up and be dealt with. If there are things that you haven't said or done Saturn is here to pull it out. Truth for all will rise to the surface. Saturn restores order and when around Pluto, it brings Massive changes in our socio-political systems. A time of revolution.

Get ready it may be a bumpy ride but it's for the greater good.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction only happens every 34-38 years it seems a big gap but not that big. Only once in a few 100 years though is it in Capricorn. We also have a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer this weekend which is 99% in it energy today.