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2020 AD - Saturn and Pluto Conjunction

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The universe is shifting and the big changes are here. Even the past week I have seen and felt massive changes. Saturn and Pluto align (along with Ceres and even Mars) in Capricorn, the lunar eclipse (which we are still 99% in its energy now) in Cancer.

It's time for everything to come up and be dealt with. If there are things that you haven't said or done Saturn is here to pull it out. Truth for all will rise to the surface. Saturn restores order and when around Pluto, it brings Massive changes in our socio-political systems. A time of revolution.

Get ready it may be a bumpy ride but it's for the greater good.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction only happens every 34-38 years it seems a big gap but not that big. Only once in a few 100 years though is it in Capricorn. We also have a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer this weekend which is 99% in it energy today.

Since we are going through such a crisis in Australia I thought let you know that during this time we not only need to go within ourselves to feel these shifts for our purpose and growth but for Australia too! We must go to our centre, where we hold our highest power, our strength. The Solar Plexus Chakra.

The universe has worked in great timing in closing Uluru for climbing purposes before such a massive planetary event.

Today at Uluru they are holding a ceremony. The energy centre, and Solar Plexus of Australia, Earth which is FULLY ACTIVE. It has been said that in the Dreamtime they performed a ritual and it was interrupted, still to this day hasn’t been complete.

The ritual is to complete the Spirit of EARTH! Which means the world is open to the 5th level of consciousness., uniting Earth and the Sun. Which has been told will start 2020 AD (that’s now!) When Saturn and Pluto conjunction happens! TODAY! This means that our Country and its Land is a massive contributor to the health of this planet and all living things on it.

 Today they plan to complete the ceremony and with our energy today we can enhance the intention for the day.


Its not just Saturn and Pluto aligning today, But Mercury, Ceres, Mars and the Sun hence the Eclipse Full Moon. As devastating as the fires in Australia are, Mother Nature is clearing and rebirthing for this new phase.  

Its time to make way for the Rainbow serpent to shape and form the lands for a new age, back to the Golden Age.

Sidenote- Golden Age:

-We are currently in the iron age.

-The golden Age is where there was love and support. Clean eating and looking after the land and working with it. Worshiping the Earth and giving it what it needs. In turn we are replenishing ourselves. There was Peace on Earth. No war.

What does all this mean?

It's going to be a time of rebirth for all.

A big shift in the earth and everything that comes with it (That's us!)

Abundance! Which is going to last the entire year!

I feel it's going to be life changing for a lot of people. It could be quite hectic but for the greater good. Lots of awakenings and stepping into your own power. It can still feel like everything is upside-down, like when we throw everything in our bedrooms and it becomes a pig sty. It takes steps to clean it up to feel better!

The Capricorn Stellium (Which is all these planets and signs in a cluster) is our shake up that this world, and within ourselves, we have needed to make massive changes.

We also have Ceres and Mars lining UP! Can you imagine stepping outside of Earth and watching all of this happen! Insane!

The Eclipse in Cancer has come now at the start of 2020 to work out a plan of finding your inner peace, what do you need to do to get there? Make this plan, gather the tools to make it happen for your purpose but inner calm and strength to push on through to get to where you need to be. Remembering that eclipses are great for clearing out old energies from the past 6 months. So its so important to do a ritual during this time to clear!

This Full Moon in Cancer is Feminine energy and symbolizes water! Which we NEED RIGHT NOW! Not just for Australia but to hydrate ourselves to move forth with our planning and moving forward to get into our purpose and love for ourselves.

Remember that water is flow, its like a tide, up and down and with that our emotions can be quite up and down! Healing our emotions that have come up over the past year with the eclipse energy is so important right now for strength to get through the year!

So many of us have noticed past traumas coming to our surface. If we haven’t faced them, now is the time, now we can step forth into our power. Saturn will force it for us.

Filling your body and soul with good intentions working with this water!

This can be so hard to do. It can be scary to feel light, free, and happy because if we have sat with certain emotions for so long it’s weird to think what it feels like. But look at where you have come from? What have you taught yourself on your journey so far!? You have already come such a LONG way!

Saturn and Pluto have been in retrograde (which means spinning in opposite direction). So we can't blame ol' Mercury all the time even though her energy is here now too. They have been shifting since about April last year to get inline for today! For this universal shift!

Saturn helps us grow, allows us to be more disciplined, enforces law, keep focused and helps us work towards success.

 Pluto is quite spiritual and emotional. It is the planet of Death and Rebirth and big change of a more permanent nature. Even though its one of the smaller planets it has a MASS affect on us.

With Mercury still mucking us about it is about Mental Health and Intelligence. Mercury can really mess with our brains and nervous system. It is also the planet of communication and connections.

Think about all of this in the opposite. Look at your journey the past year, or since April at least! Think about what is happening with the fires. It just all makes sense.

Once they all align together BAM! Feel their motions. I already do!

*Fun Facts - As it only occurs every 34-38 years through history we have seen hectic times during this shift. Here a just a few (there are more):

- 1914 WW1

- 1947 The end of WW2

- 1982 Great Recession and the internet came to life.

"Lets work with this new change and our energy, not just for us but on a global level. Don’t be scared of that too, just holding good intention and love to Earth and everything on it, a pray, a good thought is all that we have to do."

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask away.

Enjoy the ride with love and light,

Laura xx

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