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I have created this Divine Hub to give you all access and support anytime you need it. I have had many clients and students ask if I can record my Shamanic Journey's, Meditations and Light Language!

So here it is! Ready for you! 

The Evolution Access is for the Basic style but if you want to have Access to EVERYTHING the Divine Access is the way to go!
Alternatively, you can head to my shop and purchase the recordings individually.

All of my creations are energetic downloads from source. My Shamanic Journey's are created to support you through what ever you are transitioning through right now.

New Journey's, Meditations and Light Language Soundscapes are uploaded as they come through me. I will add them to each access portal.

*Please Share the subscription details with anyone you feel might benefit from subscribing too.

[Please note this is a small business by subscribing you and your wonderful friends are supporting my small business along with supporting my family. My aim is to support as many as I can with alternative ways through Mind, Body and Soul. Thank you for trusting in my guidance, I hope you enjoy the community and subscription.]

Enjoy and I am excited to Journey with you!
Let's Journey together!
Lots of love,

Laura xx

The Easiest way
to access the
is to


Choose your pricing plan

  • Divine Access

    Every month
    Divine Access gives you access to unlimited Meditations etc
    • All Meditations
    • All Light Language Sound Scapes
    • FREE Meditations added periodically.
    • Shamanic Journey's
  • Evolution Access

    Every month
    Basic Meditations and Soundscapes to get you started!
    • Basic Meditations
    • Basic Light Language Soundscapes

For $10 off Introductory
offer use the code:
*Divine Access only

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