X1 White Witch Botanicals - MEDITATE 50ml MIST

x1 White Sage stick - small 

x1 Black Tourmaline stick - small 

X1 Amethyst point - tiny

x1 Citrine - Tumbled


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White Witch Botanicals - MEDITATE 50ml MIST

Tap into the dimension between the conscious and subconscious with Meditate blend. It helps you relax into mindfulness and focus on your intuition so you can connect to your soul and your true purpose through magical vision. Using the highest-grade essential oils and crystals such as Clear Quartz chips, Black Tourmaline chips and Amethyst chips. Meditate is blessed with Reiki and Moon energy.



White sage smudge sticks are the most commonly used tool for a cleansing ritual.Sage emits negative ions and our auro holds positive ions. Through the smudging process we can neutralize our aura or the energy of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew.

The act of burning herbs is common to many cultures throughout the world and commonly associated with Native American traditions. The ancient spiritual roots of this intentional act is believed to harness the spirit of sacred plants to cleanse a person, space or object of negative energies.By repeating your intention in the form of an affirmation, mantra or prayer, either aloud or in your own mind throughout the ritual, you can shift the energy to release negativity and manifest positive changes.


BLACK TOURMALINE - Protection & Grounding

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful protective and grounding stone. It protects against all negative energies and negative thoughts, healing on a physical, emotion, mental and spiritual level. It encourages a positive attitude and outlook on life, no matter the circumstances. Helpful for renewing a sense of comfort, ease and positivity, use in meditation and healing to enhance the flow of the energy throughout the body. 


AMETHYST - Meditation & Spirituality

Calming and soothing, Amethyst is the ultimate crystal for working on the emotional, physical and spiritual self. With its soothing purple colour and shined texture, Amethyst promotes calm, balance and peace. The perfect crystal to help you to ‘switch off’ negative and disruptive thought patterns, this stone can aid meditation practices and support deep restful sleep. By opening and activating the crown and third eye chakras, allow Amethyst to enhance your intuition.


CITRINE - Abundance & Protection
A powerful cleanser and regenerator, citrine is one of the crystals that never needs cleansing. An extremely protective stone, citrine absorbs and transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy. Known as the stone of abundance, this crystal is ideal for manifesting wealth, prosperity and success in all facets of life. Carrying the power of the sun, the warm and inspiring energy of citrine energises the sacral chakra, our body's centre for pleasure and creativity.

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